Waste Water Treatment

HIMENVIRO provides a full range of services covering all phases of project development from planning, engineering design, equipment and systems supply, construction / installation to start-up and operations.

Himenviro staff has in-depth qualification and experience in all aspects of :

  • Equipment and system supply for water supply and treatment
  • Equipment supply and on-site fabrication of water and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Construction, Installation and Start-up of water and wastewater treatment equipment and system.

1. Process Industries 2. Pulp & Paper Industries
3. Textile Industries 4. Pharmaceuticals
5. Sugar Industries 6. Metal Finishing Industries
7. Chemical Industries 8. Dairy Industries
9. Institute & College 10. Food Processing Industries
11. Hotels 12. Paint and Pigment Industry
13. Sewage Treatment Plant 14. Agriculture waste