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Our Distinguished Clients
Bangladesh Chile Peru China
Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Pakistan
Bhutan Nigeria UAE Congo
Sri Lanka Nepal Ethiopia Libya
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Some Achievements on International Front

  • 40 MW Coal Fired Boiler Bag House in UAE
  • World's largest copper mine Dedusting System in Chile, South America.
  • ESP for Boilers in Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia.
  • Supply of all major process and dedusting bag filters at Congo Cement plant.
  • 9MVA submerged ARC furnace fume Extraction system at Bhutan
  • ESP for DRI Steel Plant in Ethiopia
  • Fume Extraction system for Induction & Ladle Furnace at Nigeria
  • Brick Kiln Flue Gas Treatment Pulse Jet Bag Filter for Chile
  • Thermal Oxidizer Unit in China
  • Dynamic Scrubber for Copper mines in Peru, South America
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant for Sri Lanka Power Plant

Installation sites