Steel And Metal

Himenviro experience in the Iron and Steel and metals processing industries is extensive and includes thousands of highly effective systems for leading names world-wide.

Applications in Iron and Steel include:

  • Stock House De-Dusting Systems
  • Induction Furnace Fume Gas Treatment Plant
  • rnace Fume gas treatment plant
  • rged arc furnace flue gas treatment
  • Blast furnace gases
  • DRI plant Fumes Treatment
  • Foundries sand handling , shake out, general de-dusting Pollution Control System
  • Foundries pouring line fumes cleaning system
  • Pickle and galvanizing lines fume extraction system
  • Raw Material Handling System
  • Palletizing Plant de-dusting Systems
  • Sinter Plant de-dusting Systems

Our activities encompass feasibility studies, consultancy and the supply of a range of products which include electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, , semi-dry and wet absorbers, flue gas de-sulphurisation systems and a range of services designed to keep environmental equipment in top operating form.